Sunday, November 7, 2010


Why do dogs chase cars? It is programmed to do so.

When was this programmed? When the brain started developing, even before birth.

What is the purpose? Survival.

Why don’t human beings chase cars? Who said so? every Tamil movie has a car chase sequence.

Ok, let’s be specific; why don’t human beings chase any random car? The program is missing. Somehow there is a different program which tells which car to chase.

When was this programmed? After birth, acquired from incidents and is reprogrammed every second.

What is the purpose? Survival.

Does this mean human beings are not pre programmed? No, they are partially pre programmed.

What do you mean? Hunger, pain, sex drive and so many other features are pre programmed. Why? If not for hunger, there won’t be a motive to eat and indirectly stay alive. If not for pain, there won’t be a motive to stay out of danger and indirectly stay alive. If not for sex drive, there won’t be a motive to reproduce and indirectly continuity of species.

If survival is the key, why this parity? A human baby is the most vulnerable at birth; it takes years to learn enough survival skills to live independently. This is in stark contrast to a calf which starts walking minutes after birth. Human babies have the luxury to be vulnerable and still survive. This luxury gives enough space for learning and adapting to the environment, with which comes intelligence. Intelligence of an animal can be measured based on how much it can learn after birth. Animals with no natural predators and in the top of the food chain have the luxury to grow intelligent. This must explain why dogs and cats are more intelligent than goats or cows. Elephants, Dolphins and Whales show exceptional intelligence as well.

Is there anything left for evolution? The increase in the number of homosexuals is by itself nature’s way of limiting excess population. Since, survival is the theme; there is definitely scope for evolution.

Why did our ancestors try to master hunger, thirst, pain, etc...? I don’t know. But, that might as well be the next step towards evolution. Super human powers, controlling involuntary actions.

What if human beings evolve and get the power of controlling (what is now) involuntary actions (by natural means or invented). Breathing and salivating is though involuntary, can be controlled by us. What if we can control some more of such involuntary actions?

What if I can program my brain to absorb only certain milligrams of fat every day? I need not have to worry about my tummy while posing for matrimonial snap.

What if I can make my brain ignore pain signals from my fractured hand when required? I need not have to be careful while crossing the road and keep letching at hot babes.

What if I can control where beard grows in my face? I can sleep those extra minutes I spend on shaving.

Hmmm... man turning into a robot!!! new concept... Please pay me royalty if you are inspired and plan to make a movie out of this ;)