Monday, October 4, 2010

The Rise and Fall

The Great War is nearing its end with just six countries still left in the race, it is four against two now.  The fate of the defeated countries is rather pitiful, there is no room for surrender and there are no prisoners of war. Adults are executed mercilessly and the little ones are banished. This is nothing like a war of a nuclear era; no nuclear weapons, no exploding bomb shells and strictly no landmines. These are not trained armies, rather civilians carrying light weapons and invading the streets of enemy countries. The war was an inevitable outcome at the end; the habitable area has been shrinking steadily and cannot support the entire population.

A group of 30 astronomers are researching on a planet completely covered with ice and snow. The astronomers are trained for this unusually high gravity, but they are leaking energy very fast. They have to continue to research if this planet can support their life. The first step is to create a habitable environment. Krak gives commands to the others and they set out to construct the protective shield against solar radiation. They have 5 hours before sun rise; if they fail to complete the construction, they won’t stand a chance for more than half an hour in the open. Dwava along with two other scientists is collecting samples of the planet’s surface and conducting tests.

Back home the diacs are winning the war. The danics and diacs are the two dominant species of Mars. They have coexisted until this war, but now only one can remain. The area around the equator is becoming more susceptible for solar radiations, with the magnetic field gradually decreasing in intensity. Both the species are equipped to generate their own energy by photosynthesis. They generate energy during the day while sleeping and spend them during the night. When the two major tectonic plates of Mars merged, the two species came into contact and there is a history of war between them, but nothing to this great extent. Diacs still have hope; they have successfully launched their astronomers to earth. If earth is habitable they can migrate there and start fresh. For now they have to survive in Mars as long as they can.

The astronomers have managed to construct the protective shield. They can rest now and hope they can regain their energy. Dwava and Krak exchange looks; they have been together for long enough to read each other’s thoughts. They have supplies for only 15 days after which they have to start generating energy on their own. Their cells are not capable of synthesizing energy in this atmosphere; their only hope is that the drug hexone can mutate their cells to adapt to this environment. The first pair of test subjects will be tested with hexone - variant 1. Every other day a new pair will be tested until they succeed to get the right drug.

Krak has been transmitting findings for the last 10 days with no breakthrough. The mars day length and earth day length are similar; there is only 5 days left for the mission at this rate. Should they ask Krak and Dwava to abort mission or is it going to be their ultimate sacrifice for the good of the entire diacs? The victory over danics is complete but a lot depends on this mission if they were to survive for long.

Day 15, Krak and Dwava go to sleep looking at each other knowing this might be their last. Thoughts of their last twenty years together started running through their minds as the drug started taking effect.  A major wave of uneasiness started taking over their bodies. They did not lose sight of each other as their bodies began to shiver.

The transmission has ceased in Mars and so has their hope.

4 billion years later ‘Mars Rover’ lands on Mars and earth is searching for martian life.

Mars - Artist's conception with water and atmosphereMars - Now

1. Earth was completely covered in ice several times in the past. See
2. Earth did not have a magnetic field in the past. See
3. Mars does not have a magnetic field now. Evidence suggests existence of magnetic field in the past. See


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